Rotary Club of Lebanon-Riverside
Special opportunity at this Tuesday’s meeting:
Frank McDougall from DHMC will talk about
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
and its impact on New Hampshire.
Bring a guest.
(But tell Chris or Sue so that we have enough food.)
Friends of the club are welcome.
June 11, 7:15 at Harvest Hill at Alice Peck Day.

Table talk revolved around recent local lightening strikes and the differences between the abilities of wives and husbands to survive after a spouse’s demise. The two topics seemed related.

  • Bruce Bergeron lamented about being left alone for a week with only his dog for comfort. There is presently nothing left in his house to eat. Perhaps Jake’s Deli will provide life support.
  • Marilyn Bedell was suffering grievously from the five mosquito bites she received during Riverside Park cleanup on Sunday. Marilyn thanked Jim Brock, visiting us today, for his hospitality and that of his wife Beverly and daughter Michelle during the district conference in Bermuda.
  • Ron Bedell enjoyed the district conference’s wonderful Bermuda cruise. He noted that PDG Marilyn was recognized at the conference as the district’s “Rotarian of the Year” for her work on obtaining Foundation grant monies dedicated to helping Vermont residents recover from Tropical Storm Irene.
  • Jim Brock was able to join us today as part of his returning to Vermont to attend his granddaughter’s graduation from St. Johnsbury Academy over the weekend.
  • Chip Lewis thanked Jim Brock for his hospitality in Bermuda during the conference. Chip was able to visit an historical site on the island where one of his ancestors had served as a Confederate shipping agent during the Civil War. Chip graciously abstained from labeling the nineteenth century conflict “the recent unpleasantness between the states.”
  • Kim Levlocke revealed that she was suffering from a mysterious rash for which this reporter failed to learn the cause.
  • Bill Sahlman traveled to Norwood, Massachusetts, to participate in a weightlifting exhibition. Bill missed his first two lifting attempts, but successfully made the next three—unlike Lee Pelletier, who successfully made his first two attempts, but missed two out of his last three. Higher math.
  • Lee Pelletier expostulated on the difficulty persons his age have in holding their arms out straight during Olympic style weightlifting. In response to Bill Sahlman’s taunt, Lee tossed him the golf ball that Lee had recovered after Bill recently lost it ten yards off the tee.
  • Bill and Linda Secord drove through Sunday afternoon’s violent thunderstorm on the way to a piano recital in Hartland. They could see numerous intense lightning strikes occurring further down the interstate in southern Vermont. Some other recital participants driving from Norwich had to detour around fallen trees.
  • Monte Clinton told the sad story of discovering what he thought was a rather valuable item at a tag sale, returning home to verify his discovery, and stopping at the bank to get some money—only to return to the tag sale to find that the statue (“Girl with Turtles” 1870) had just been sold. The statue’s estimated value on the Antique Road Show had been twenty-five to thirty thousand dollars. At the tag sale it went for one hundred fifty dollars.
  • Jim Damren gave a dollar to celebrate the Boston Bruins feat of winning 2-0 on the road. Next week—summer youth hockey!
  • Brenda McGrath is selling off farm equipment left on her estate. One potential buyer of her four-wheel-drive garden tractor wanted Brenda to pay for his gas mileage to come and pick it up—using Brenda’s trailer.
  • Linka Lewis told how impressed she was during her visit to a Bermuda museum during the district conference. The museum featured a display of Bermuda currency all carrying the signature of our own Jim Brock. Jim served as chairman of the board of the Bermuda Monitory Authority, a position equivalent to Ben Bernanke’s at the Federal Reserve. Linka was also impressed by Jim’s accomplishments during her visit to a school that Jim had founded. Linka reported on how skillful Chip has become at putting in Linka’s earrings for her while she is handicapped with a broken finger.
  • Kim House had to leave Lacey, her new puppy, at her parents’ house for a number of days last week. Kim was unnerved to learn that during Lacey’s stay, Kim’s parents confronted the young retriever walking proudly down the street with a dead snake in her mouth. Kim does not like snakes. On the positive side, Lacey did learn to swim over the weekend. Grandparents get all the fun.
  • Terry Martin has returned from visiting his son in Charlotte, where Terry and Kathy learned that they are to become grandparents again. Terry also acknowledged the contributions made to our community by a recently deceased friend, George Richards. In its Monday morning edition The Valley News carried a feature article on George’s life and his special contributions to the Holderness School in Plymouth.
  • Steve Langley was relieved that student exams will be over at Dartmouth on Wednesday. Alumni reunions, however, will then begin—with their own set of priorities.
  • Dean Cashman hosted his college roommate for a visit over the weekend. Almost as significant—Quechee is open for golf!
  • Joe Hindle noted that Jane easily outperformed the club’s two male weightlifters at Norwood on Saturday: she completed five of her six lifts.
  • Sue Donnelly commented on the great success of our first-grade readers program. Every student in both elementary schools became immediately engrossed in his or her book—except for one dreamer who seemed to be creating her own adventure.

President Elect Sue reminded everyone of the busy schedule ahead:
  • Saturday June 8, 9:00 – 1:00, Food Drive at Lebanon Market;
  • Tuesday, June 11, 7:15, Speaker Dr. Frank McDougall on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(guests are welcome but please let Sue know if you're bringing someone so we make sure there's enough breakfast). This is a real chance to find out what's happening in NH;
  • Tuesday, June 18, 7:15, Speaker Sean Fleming, Library Director will talk to changes;
  • Thursday, June 20, and the third Thursday of every month at 7:15 over the next year: Board of directors meetings;
  • Tuesday, June 25, Changeover, 6:00 p.m. at Riverside Park. We purchase the meat; the rest is pot luck. There will be no morning meeting.
Ron Bedell announced that he has received a total of $3,977 as contributions to the Rotary Foundation so far. He has not received donations yet from six club members. Last year we had a one hundred per cent participation.
They profit most who serve the best.