Jed Merrow
Project manager
McFarland Johnson, Inc., in Concord, NH.
Jed talked about environmental analysis and permitting—a topic close to the heart for numerous development proposals within our fair city.
Jed grew up in the Connecticut River Valley in Connecticut and talked about his love of reptiles and other critters from an early age.
Currently he does the work needed to understand the environmental impact on animals in the path of construction...especially along riverbeds.
He shared information about rattlesnakes, spiney soft shell turtles, black bears, beavers, coyotes, bobcats, to name a few.
          He is currently involved in projects that will be happening on Sykes Avenue in White River Jct. (2 round-a-bouts), a new bridge over the Connecticut River on I-89 between NH exit 20 and VT I-91, and work at the airport.
          He reviewed the complexity of the permitting process.  There are 9 agencies involved in the permit process between NH an VT for the 1-89 bridge expansion.
          If you want to read a sample report of the type of work Jed does, click here  This was project along I-89 near Waterbury and Bolton.