From: Michael Wanigasekera  

Subject: Cambodia Follow up. Thank You Lebanon Rotary!!

Hi Dean and Bob,

I just arrived back from a successful trip to Cambodia and to my Peace Corps village. I was able to do many projects such as developing an additional school library, purchased books, bookshelves, posters, tables, and other materials, purchased two panel signs for Khmer Proverbs, a flower garden for the school, basketballs, new rims for the hoops, and paint. I painted a few murals, and was able to give some money to some poor children.  Thank you again for your donation, because of the Rotary's kindness, support, and generosity, it was a very meaningful, impactful trip. If you can, please share this information with the group.  

I have attached some pictures below of the new library, and the newly painted murals.  Thank you again, the children and the community are so grateful.

Please stay in touch, God Bless