Five Lebanon-High School Students from the 9th and 10 Grade Participate in Our 2018 Speech Contest. Mary reflected on the power of a mentor; and our runner-up shared the power of random acts of kindness.
Mary Gile — 9th Grade
Lebanon High School
Congratulation to Mary Gile, winner of the Lebanon-Riverside Speech Contest.  First runner up was Joey Leva.  
Joey Leva
9th Grade — Lebanon High School
We held the first round of the Rotary Speech Contest to select a winner who will be our representative at the second round of the speech contest in February. I Mary makes it all the way to round four she has the potential to receive $1,000!
Here is a picture of the students who participated, followed by pictures from the contest:
Mary Gile                 9th Grade
Joey Leva                 9th Grade
Ella Falcone             10th Grade
Claudia Simione     10th Grade
Audrey Elder            9th Grade