Meeting October 24, 2017
Our Next Club Meeting
Thursday, November 2, 2017
12 Noon

October 24, 2017
Chris Lippincott, Certified Travel Consultant with AAA
Chris Lippincott was our speaker this morning.  His topic was "hot trips" to take during our cold winter months.
He talked about the Caribbean.  We were reminded that may islands were not impacted by the most recent hurricanes.  He talked about the importance of post recovery tourism in the places where tourism is the primary industry.  He encouraged all of us to support the islands affected with direct aid (money), booking trips that will touch these islands.  Going by a cruise ship would provide you with full infrastructure to support you as a tourist.  A way for you to see recovery efforts first-hand.
The islands impacted are Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, Barbuda, St. Barts and St. Martin.
He then went on to describe the other Caribbean and Mexican "hot" spots that are fully functioning as tourist destinations.
He also talked about Hawaii, and the various Hawaiian Islands and their diviresity; the Amazon; Christmas in Europe; Seychelles; Galapagos Islands 
Chris described traditional cruise ships, and then talked about sailing vessels and smaller ships that can get in close to the shore.
So...bottom line...start thinking about a winter get-a-way.
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Bob Gasser: He has joined the Rotary Action Group (RAG) for Addiction Prevention. From the RAG web page: Substance abuse and addiction of illicit drugs is a global problem and can only be stopped by joint efforts of all society layers and organizations in a joined, structural and contnued action.It is not only the responsibility of goverments. All civil society organisations should get involved in their field of activity. Rotarians will strengthen this common effort through the work of the Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention
Bill Secord: Shared stories of his trip to New Mexico, and the challenges of being with family non-stop.  
Jim Damren:  He spent the weekend replacing 60 panes of glass on his porch that had been broken by his hockey playing sons over the years. 6 AM skates are beginning.
Melissa Golightly:  Shared she had been traveling with her kids for baseball and soccer games.
Michele Buck:  Her dollars were to thank our speaker for joining us today, and for Melissa being inducted into the club.
Dean Cashman:  Shared stories of once again making meatloaf for the Listen Dinner on 10 October, and the joys of Tim trying to speed up the buffet line. He also shared that his girl friend is in the brand new clinical leader master's program at Colby-Sawyer College  She had an opportunity to follow Karen Clements for the day.  Described it as a great experience.
Steve Langely:  His world is filled with he various ensemble groups at Dartmouth.  He encouraged us to go to the concerts.
Joe Hindle: Reconnected to his Facebook page.
Steve Whitman: Heading to Patagonia.
Don MacMeekin: A dollar to counteract a side comment made by Tim regarding "strippers".
Suellen Griffen:  Happy to report $1,000 was made on the Brewfest, and planning has already started for 2018.
Hank Clark:  Shared he traveled over 3,700 miles on his cross america trip.  Since he was retired he reminded us that it wasn't a vacation but an adventure.  Celebrated awards announced for Karen Clement and Tim Gauraldi. (See below)
Ron Bedell:  Happy the Patriots won.  Announced the Rotary Convention in Toronto.  Encouraged all to attend.
Lorraine Morrison:  Gave a dollar for being early!
Bruce Bergeron:  He was in Chicago for a convenience store managers convention...there with 50,000 of his closest friends.  Enjoyed a playoff game.  Became a Uber user and had a great ride with a delightful young woman.  A new Jake's is opening in Caanan, and there will be one opening in Enfield next year.  
Chris Lippincott:  Our speaker talked about his work to help upgrade rail trails in new Boston.

Congratulations to our Members!
Karen Clements
Karen Clements, Chief Nursing Officer at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center was recognized for supporting DH employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve during a ceremony on October 9, 2017
Tim Gauraldi

  • Holiday Basket Helpers - SAVE THE DATE: 5 December 2017 at Sacred Heart Church at 7 AM
  • Special Meeting to discuss consolidating the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon and Lebanon-Riverside for Lebanon-Riverside Rotary members only...President Bill will send out a doodle to determine the best date for this meeting based on member responses.  Please try to come to the important meeting.
  • Charities Board - Bruce shared pictures from Michael Wanigasekera's trip to Cambodia.  All pictures are on our Club's wet site home page and posted to Facebook. 
  • Rusty Berrings Skateboard Part re-opening celebration held this past Saturday.  This is an elite skateboard park, and a great addition/upgrade for of the Riverside Park on the Glen Road. 
  • The Charities Board will be considering three other requests for fund. One for DG Eric Denu's wife, Janice, trip to Nigeria for an National Immunization Day (Polio).  They will be bringing other items needed by the children in Nigeria. Another is for help supporting the Thanksgiving Dinner at Sacred Heart, and one for literacy project in South Africa.
  • Looking for a volunteer to set up our Holiday Party and Yankee Swap...Let Bill know if you are willing to help with this task.

Upcoming Programs
  • Nov 2 —  District Governor Eric Denu
  • Nov 7 — Taysa' Bruno, Journey to Sobriety (Should be an very interesting program. Consider inviting a guest to join you.) 
  • Nov. 14 — John Higgins, Ledyard Charter School Program
  • Dec 12 — Charles L. Foss, SCORE

Rob pull the 7 of diamonds 
Both Steve and Loraine will get free car washes.

When you join a Rotary club, your potential to make a difference in the world grows exponentially. That’s because you’re joining a network of over 1.2 million people who take action — volunteers from all over the world who share a goal of improving others’ quality of life.
In fact, the top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities. These are the same reasons members stay in Rotary year after year. But simply joining isn’t going to change lives or make those connections.
That happens when you get involved. You’ll shape your own experience and decide how to get the most out of your membership.
There are countless ways to engage with Rotary and your Rotary club. You choose how — and how much — to get involved.
[From the RI Membership web page]

Written by Sylvia Whitlock, the first woman President of a Rotary Club.  Sylvia spoke at the Rotary Zone Institute in Hartford Connecticut on Friday, 19 October.
“In 1982, at the invitation of one of the women whose admission had caused the ouster of the Rotary Club of Duarte, I joined the Ex-Rotary Club of Duarte. Mary Lou Elliott was an elementary school principal, as was I. 

Service clubs were not familiar to me. I had heard of Kiwanis and Elks and even Soroptimists but I had never heard of Rotary. It was described as a group of people whose watchword was “service” - to the community, and to the world. I was excited at the prospect of service to a community in which I did not live, but whose children and parents had become very special. Joining Rotary afforded me the opportunity to meet people who had other professions and who took service seriously. 

Our club then provided assistance to all the schools, to senior citizens in the community and to various charitable organizations. We gave blood regularly to the City of Hope. We participated with the city in their annual community picnic and Route 66 parade. Our snowcone booth is still a hit at the all day picnic and celebration.” 
Sylvia has written a book:
Women Also Serve: Duarte Invites Women to Join Rotary 
by Sylvia Whitlock (Author)
The Rotary Club of Duarte, California, was chartered in District 530 in 1952. But just before its twenty-fifth birthday in 1976, the Duarte club violated Rotary's bylaws by inviting women to join, ultimately causing its charter to be unceremoniously revoked by Rotary International. Undeterred, the club renamed itself the Ex-Rotary Club of Duarte and its members continued on their quest not to be outcasts of one of the greatest humanitarian organizations in the world.
Filled with facts and personal anecdotes, the first woman president in Rotary International shares a fascinating glimpse into the journey of the Duarte club. Sylvia Whitlock, who was present as the club enlisted help from the American Civil Liberties Union and took the case through the California court system until a landmark decision in May 1987, details the circumstances of the case as women struggled to attain equal rights, her role in the process, conversations with participants and onlookers, and the benefits she has gained personally through her own membership.
Women Also Serve shares a compelling history of the Duarte Rotary Club and its lofty undertaking to recruit women into its chapter through the perspective of one who was there.
In 1987 when the U. S. Supreme Court ruled in our favor, we removed the “Ex” from our title and once again began paying dues to Rotary International. I attended the PETS meeting with almost 300 men and no other women. I did not feel other than welcome, even as our incoming governor opined that this was just a transitory situation. We were going to do the best we could as Rotarians. The ensuing coverage by the media was overwhelming. It was clear we had a responsible job. 

We co-sponsored an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico, and continued for over ten years.

We participated fully in the PolioPlus Campaign and now have 100 percent of our members as Paul Harris or sustaining members, and several benefactors.
They Profit Most Who Serve the Best