Meeting September 12, 2017
Recorder: Marilyn Bedell
Our next club meeting will be Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 12 Noon with the Rotary Club of Lebanon

September 12, 2017 
Ashlee Rowley
Health and Dance
Ashlee Rowley talked to us about dance.  She is part of Dance Arts Academy in Sunapee.  From the web page:

Dance Arts Academy will provide a positive, proactive, learning environment for any and all students looking to explore dance and the performing arts. We will encourage exploration, self-confidence, strength and growth through motivational, educational and creative outlets.

Dance education for students ages 2 and up. We will provide recreational, competitive and pre-professional training for students interested in learning more about the performing arts. We will provide a safe, reliable, fun location for kids to feel comfortable in pushing their boundaries, growing their self-esteem and exploring their artistic and athletic selves.

DAA will strive to provide quality, top notch dance education to students in a positive, healthy and successful manner, with a focus on giving back to our communities. Click here for the web page

In addition to talking about dance, she taught us a few cha cha cha steps


ballet movement focused on building upper arm strength.

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And no...we didn't look as elegant as the pictures, but we did learn that even doing sustained arm movements takes a lot of stamina.

Besides that Dance Arts Academy, Ashlee shared information about other classes offered in our area such as the Newport Ballroom, Through Center of the Arts in New London, Lesson with Natalie Miles in New London.  

A reminder that Lebanon Rotarian Linda Copp has the Lebanon Ballet School. From the School's web page:

Lebanon Ballet School strives to provide every student the highest quality training in an encouraging and nurturing atmosphere. Our professional and artistic faculty provide a complete dance experience that is both challenging and rewarding for every student. We provide students the opportunity to enrich their lives the a carefully constructed curriculum that encourages artistic growth. Since 1984, Lebanon Ballet School has been a proven training ground for careers in dance.

If you would like to contact Ashlee about Dance Arts Academy, you can call her at (603) 763-0589 or at

Ashlee Rowley


  • A joint board meeting will be held this evening, Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 5:30 PM at the Whitman Building in Lebanon.
  • Brew Fest - Struggling to find brewers, many calls have been made to local breweries who would be interested in next year but not able to help this year.  Our boards will discuss whether we can make this happen this year at the board meeting.
  • Tree planting project, planting one tree per member in Lebanon and West Lebanon...both clubs working on plans to make this happen.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute happening at DHMC on 30 September.  From Kiki Leach, our District RLI Coordinator
Part I of Rotary Leadership Institute is completely booked - awesome job folks!  Can we fill another session?  
The less than good news is that we are only a few days away from the registration cut off (9/18) and we are 4 people short of the minimum in Part II, III and Graduate. Without the minimum # the session loses the value of the interactive dialogue hence the minimum required.
BUT there's more GOOD news - there is still time to register for one of those sessions. Other than Graduate the sessions do not require you to attend in any particular order so if you had wanted to attend Part I but now its full just register for Part II or III. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me.
Remember our District pays the registration fee for you, so go to  register for Part II, III or Graduate at the Lebanon , NH location. When asked for method of payment select check, the District will be paying for all District registrants who attend on the day of the event.. Your confirmation email will indicate you owe $85 and to mail your check - please disregard that request as District 7850 has you covered.
Encourage your club president, club officers and AG to attend an RLI session of they have not already done so or if they have completed the program to attend the Graduate course (which changes every other year).
  • Charities Updates:
- $500 donation to Rotary District 5930 (Southeast Texas) for Hurricane Relief (Side note, Marilyn had the honor of serving as the Rotary International Presidents Representative at their District Conference in 2015.
- $100 Wings of Hope (NH/VT VNA & Hospice
- $250 Labor Day Rail Trail Ramble for Headrest
- $250 Former Peace Corp Worker, Michael Wanigasekera (who came to speak a few weeks ago), to buy art supplies for Cambodia.

Brag and Happy Dollars
Oops...your substitute recorder forgot to record our brags today.  Though several shared relief that friend in Florida are safe post Irma...though not their friends are now trying to figure out ways to cope with kids being out of school.
Ron Bedell did a Rotary reflection this morning about Rotary's response to hurricane relieve in Texas and Florida.  If you want to make a donation go to

Upcoming Programs
  • September 26 — Janet Carroll, RN, DHMC Speaking on speak on the different opiates (Heroin, fentenil, carfentanil)  and their impact on those taking the drug and the new protocols that are being developed  to deal with those coming into the Emergency Department.
  • October 10 — Oregon Friendship Exchange Team
  • Oct 24 — AAA Travel will talk about Hot Hot spots for travel this winter  
  • Nov. 14 — John Higgins, Ledyard Charter School Program
  • Dec 12 — Charles L. Foss, SCORE
Others in the wings are
  • Upper Valley Music Center,
  • Valley Vista 
  • Safe driving Courses  

Rotary launches a new strategic partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace

What do we mean when we talk about peace? Is it possible to measure peacefulness? What conditions foster peace, and how can Rotary help create them?

Rotary is addressing those questions and forming a strategic partnership with the Institute for Economics and Peace, a leader in the study of peace and conflict.

The institute has pioneered a conceptual framework for positive peace, which identifies and measures the attitudes, institutions, and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies. They include, for example, a sound business environment, a well-functioning government, and the free flow of information.

Through this partnership, Rotary will work with the institute to create:

  • An online learning platform, with webinars and interactive tools, that Rotary members and Rotary Peace Fellows can use to build on their expertise. It will teach them how to apply new peacebuilding methods and mobilize communities to address the issues behind conflicts.
  • Positive peace workshops, funded by global grants and hosted by Rotary clubs around the world, to provide training in the framework of positive peace. The goal is to foster community-based projects in peace and conflict resolution that are both practical and meaningful.

This partnership will enable Rotary members, peace fellows, and others to design and execute stronger peace projects and promote peace more broadly, which is crucial to meeting our humanitarian objectives in every community

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