Meeting 8 February 2018

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February 15, 2018
12:00 Noon
Round 2 Speech Contest 
Lebanon High School
Randolph High School
Kimball Union Academy

February 8, 2018
FEMA Response in Puerto Rico
Fire Chief Chris Christopoulos 
Chris Christopolous
Chirs shared stories of his deployment to Puerto Rico.  It started with an e-mail asking if he would be willing to be deployed to one of the states or islands working to recover from all of the hurricanes that happened last year. After agreeing to be deployed and doing all the must-dos to register with FEMA.  He got an e-mail with instructions to fly to Atlanta for training an assignment for a 30 day deployment.  He had 24 hours to get ready to go, and it wasn't until he arrived at the FEMA training Center in Anniston, Alabama that they covered "What to bring on a Deployment"...a little late don't you think?
He was assigned to spend 30 days in Puerto Rico working in operations. He served as the deputy branch director. He job was to help the "boots on the ground" to get the supplies they needed on the eastern side of the island. He was stationed at headquarters in the convention center in San Juan. For the first few days he was assigned to sleep on the TS Empire State in a bunk room for 8 people.  Since his hours were long and the dock gate would be closed when he finished his shift, he got reassigned to the Sheraton, Old City...a true step up in comfort and quiet.
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He shared stories of his trips to Fajardo and Caguas.  He talked about the role mayors in the towns play in recovery. He told that many of the relief meal (MRE's - Meals Ready to Eat) did not meet the need of the citizens of Puerto Rico as they did not reflect their usual diet.  Work has been done to try to create meals that meet needs of the communities being served. 
Chris reminded us that many are still without power, and that since getting power restored is a priority, many fixes will not prevent loss of power if another major storm like Maria hits the island.
Two of our guest this morning, Katie Talbert (a carpenter) and George Sykes (State Representative and Red Cross Volunteer) shared there stories of work they did in Puerto Rico. Both talked about the major basic needs still not being met.  There are still many problems with water, sanitation and power.
George Sykes
Katie Talbert

Change in Weekly Meeting Schedule Change. All of our meeting will be on Thursdays.  MARK YOU CALENDARS!  This will be a five month trial [February through June 2018]
  • Thursday, February 15 at 12 noon
  • Thursday, February 22 at 7 AM
  • Thursday, March 1, at 12 noon
  • Thursday, March 8 at 7:15 AM
  • Thursday, March 15 at 12 noon
  • Thursday, March 22 at 7 AM
  • Thursday, March 29

  • Bruce Bergeron was presented with is Paul Harris +2 today.  Bruce, thank you for all you do to support the Rotary Foundation.
  • Listen Dinner at 3:30 to 6 PM - Bruce Bergeron sent out a reminder to those who agreed to cook this day.
 Will it be Meatloaf?
Will it be Chicken thighs?
  • Both Clubs will be voting on whether or not our clubs should consolidate/merge.  Tentative dates for voting - Lebanon Riverside, February 22, 2018; Lebanon, March 1, 2018.  Stay tuned for information from Presidents Bill Secord and Suellen about voting if you cannot be at your home club's meeting.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute, Concord, NH on March 3, 2018. NH Technical Institute.  More info about RLI and to register at  Our District will reimburse (you should pay and then ask for reimbursement) your registration fee.  Governor Eric just asks that you come back and tell our club about RLI. You must register by February 22, 2018.  
  • First Grade Readers have arrived.  A date for delivery of the books to Lebanon 1st Graders will be set for late April or early May.   
  • Save these Dates! All hands on deck!
    • 2018 Golf Tournament will be May 23 or 24, 2018 [Golf Committee to finalize date soon]
    • 2018 Brew Fest will be August 18, 2018

Upcoming Programs and Meeting Dates
  • February 15, 2018 — Round 2 of the Speech Contest with participants from Randolph, Lebanon and Kimball Union Academy
  • February 22, 2018 — Rotary Club  of Lebanon-Riverside's Consolidation/Merger Vote will happen today!
  • March 1, 2018 — Rotary Club of Lebanon will vote on consolidation/merger 
  • March 15, 2018 — Heidi Healman - Heidi Heilman is a Rotarian and Founder of EdventiHeidi has worked in the youth substance abuse prevention field for over 25 years. Her experience in drug policy, prevention and treatment has helped advance the mission of several noteworthy service organizations working to address youth risk and promote healthy development.  Heidi led the founding and continues to serve as President of the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance, a non-profit educational and advocacy organization serving to protect the health and well-being of youth through sound public health policy. We may have an opportunity to be part of a Rotary Global Grant that is being spearheaded by Heidi.
  • March ?, 2018 — Charles L. Foss, SCORE (Charles has asked to be rescheduled)

Happy Dollars and Brags
Tim Guaraldi: He is counting the minutes until he starts vacation to the Dominican Republic.  He heads to Boston tomorrow, and the on to Dominican Republic on Saturday.  Here's to "toes in the sand".
Steve Langley:  His granddaughter informed her mother that she needs her grandfather to come back to Florida to teach her more about playing a trumpet.  He then mentioned that this is a big lump of snow on the Green in Hanover.  It's Winter Carnival Time.  The lump of snow may become Darth Vader.
Bill Secord:  Sprinkler repair completed, and sheet rock back in place.  It's now time to paint not just the places repaired but the whole room...woodwork and walls.
Ron Bedell: Shared how he had just completed his tax forms on this computer when the power went out and he then couldn't get the computer to turn back losing a thesis.  After multiple attempts to restart, Marilyn suggested trying another outlet on the surge protector, and surprise, surprise the computer cam back on.  You go Marilyn!
Hank Clark: Talked about going to a Superbowl party in Massachusetts. He booked tickets for a trip to St. Kitts. His grandson is skiing and he gets to watch.
Willy KoppenhefferWent to Washington, DC to play golf with his son.  His only brag was a par on the first hole.
Dean Cashman:  Delighted that Hanover High School is currently in first place.  Stated Lebanon is doing very well too.
Bruce Pacht:  The North Country Cordsmen have 60 requests for singing Valentines.  A few slots will open.  Contact Bruce if you want to put someone on the list.
Paul Boucher:  He and his wife are celebrating birthdays.  He pesented a $73 check for the Molica Fund to the Rotary Club of Lebanon.
Jean Wulpren: Looking forward to picking up her daughter's wedding dress this evening. Wedding in July.
Bruce Bergeron:  "Football is dead to me".  Now on to Hockey...celebrating the Bruins wins.
Lorraine Morrison:  Happy to be standing and walking as she enjoyed her return to skiing!  Her granddaughter is celebrating her 23rd birthday on Friday.

 Dean Cashman pulled the Jack of Clubs...thus the search for the queen of hearts continues

 Car Wash won by Steve Langley


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