Meeting August 29, 2017
Recorder: Josh Brecheen
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August 29, 2017
Michael Wanigasekera Working for the Peace Corp in Cambodia
Michael Wanigasekera
The speaker spoke about genocide in Cambodia. He touched on the Toul Seng prison, how it used electric wires to prevent people from jumping away. There were only about twelve survivors in total. The Peace Core came to Cambodia in 2007; their goals were teaching and health orientation. He showed a short video of President JFK encouraging people to join the Peace Core to help people live in hope. The speaker went to Cambodia in 2013 – 2015 as an English teacher. He stayed in the Suay Rieng Province where people mistook him for being from India or Myanmar. They asked, “where is the American”? He taught English to over 800 people while staying in Cambodia. There was no electricity and only dirt floors. He tried to talk about the good things in America. The Cambodian people are very protective of their books. They grew gardens and even built a small library and art club. He did not like the heat or the bugs. He also helped them build a basketball court, and wrote grants that his parents helped “fund”. He taught “helmet safety, and even met a “hero” rat that was used to help sniff out land mines. He got to meet Michelle Obama, but hated the bugs (scorpions as well). He also focused on teaching food sanitation, and hand washing. He noted that they were not allowed to drive cars in the Peace Core. He did not like the heat or the bugs, but developed an understanding of how precious life is

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  • Combined Board meeting, Rotary Clubs of Lebanon-Riverside and Lebanon on September 12, 2017 at 5:30 PM in the Whitman Building in Lebanon
  • Guest at this weeks meeting:
    • Don MacMeekin and Jean Walpren from the Lebanon Club
    • Beverly and Jim Brock from Bermuda

Upcoming Programs
  • September 12 — Ashlee Rowley - Health and Dance
  • September 26 — Janet Carroll, RN, DHMC Speaking on speak on the different opiates (Heroin, fentenil, carfentanil)  and their impact on those taking the drug and the new protocols that are being developed  to deal with those coming into the Emergency Department.
  • October 10 — Oregon Friendship Exchange Team
  • Oct 24 — AAA Travel will talk about Hot Hot spots for travel this winter  
  • Nov. 14 — John Higgins, Ledyard Charter School Program
  • Dec 12 — Charles L. Foss, SCORE
Others in the wings are
  • Upper Valley Music Center,
  • Valley Vista 
  • Safe driving Courses  
  • SCORE  

News from the Club:
Marilyn Bedell: Called Sherry, who has been having a rough time lately. Marilyn got back from Oregon, where she got to see vineyards, rodeos, and the eclipse.
Ron Bedell: Brought back a banner from Oregon.
Bruce Bergeron: Went racing last weekend, and his daughter is going back to school.
Joshua: School rush! Do not forget to get your rest! (or eat!)
Michelle Buck: Hopes that the joint commission does not show up to the hospital.
Jimmy Brock: Impressed at how fast FEMA responded in Texas, this was his last meeting of the summer.
Hank Clarke: Thanked the speaker for his service. Went to Newport on Sunday, spent the day watching football. He is going to Denver for 3 weeks.
Karen Clements: her 3rd child is home from nursing school.
Nicholas Fiore: this was his second time being back to the meeting, says that he has been spending his time cutting ski trails.
Bob Gasser: Friends got flooded in TX. They said that it is too painful to go back. Bob wants to learn how to Tango.
Tim Guarldi: Took covers off of the bee hives and stored them in his garage. He forgot them there. The bees swarmed and took all the honey away.
Kathie Romano: Feels for the victims of the hurricane, especially the ones on Dialysis.
Bill Secord: His former students that he taught over 45 years ago messaged him and told him that they got together and commemorated him.
Karen Zook: This Friday is the one year anniversary of her store being open.
Joy Gobin: Went to Rotary in TX and learned about club banners.
Don MacMeekin: going on a 16 day river cruise to Switzerland.

Card Raffle — Ron pulled the 1st card from the new deck, and got the queen of hearts for $25smiley
Car Wash — Joy Gobin

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