31 May 2018 Meeting


Club members sauntered into the Dwinell Room in dribs and drabs both before and after 7:00 a.m. President Bill informed Bruce Pacht, who had arrived early, that members could begin the buffet before the official bell. But upon ringing the bell, Bill complained that Bruce and several others had started breakfast early. Bruce duly objected to being maligned. No fine was levied--to either litigant.
Garlan Hoskin commented on the beautiful fiftieth-anniversary edition of the Ford Mustang that was parked outside Dwinell. Past President Karen Clements admitted ownership and also to speeding on her way to get to the meeting on time.
Don MacMeekin sat at the president's table with Bill and three high-powered club members affiliated with DHMC. As the three DHMC personnel discussed what appeared to be a very chaotic day's schedule at the hospital, both Don and Bill expressed concern about their next "procedure" at the flagship institution. The ladies assured them that everything was fully under control and that actually the day's schedule was only mildly hectic compared to usual. Men are such wimps.


  • Richelle Schaefer (Schiffman, Dattilio & Company), guest of Sergeant-at-arms Tim Guaraldi.
  • Shaun Mulholland (Lebanon City Manager), always welcome.


  • Michelle Buck—happy to be here. Hoping for nice weather next week.
  • Karen Clements—happy to be here. Her daughter's baby shower will be held this weekend at Karen's new lake house.
  • Don MacMeekin—has four grandchildren (and some of their friends!) coming to stay for three weeks. For the sake of his marriage, Don turned down a member's offer to have Don stay at the member's home for the duration.
  • Rick Dyment—admitted to coming to last week's 7:00 a.m. meeting to cover as sergeant-at-arms, only to find no on else in attendance. Everyone was doing duty at the golf tournament at Eastman.


  • Hank Clarke picked the Four of Clubs.
  • Paul Boucher won the car wash.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.

Meeting Schedule

June 7 — Noon at Dwinell
June 14 — 7:00 a.m. at Dwinell
Program: Patricia William plays and teaches the harp. She will bring her harp and tell us of its affect upon those suffering from Alzheimer's. She will play and answer questions.  Patricia has played at Drug Court graduations and works at Kendall.


  • The distribution of First-Grade Readers will occur after the meeting. Club members going to the Hanover Street School or the Mount Lebanon School include Angela Nelson, Will Koppenheffer, Hank Clarke, Joy Gobin, Steve Christy, Bruce Pacht, and Westin Greene.
  • Club Changeover—Planning is continuing. The original date of June 20 won't work because a horseshoe tournament has booked Riverside Park!
  • Scholarship awards will be handed out by Bill Secord at Lebanon High School's awards evening on June 4 and by Steve Christy at Mascoma High School.
    The Lebanon High School recipients are:
    • Samantha Brady (University of New Hampshire)
    • Ethan Daly (Boston College)
    • Sachin Kamath (University of Massachusetts/Amherst)
    • Alexandru Munteanu (University of Massachusetts/ Amherst)
    • Erin White (Pace University)
  • Foundation donation deadline coming up at the end of June. Contribute:
  • Tree planting—Evan Leary has received confirmation of sixty trees (30 spruce/30 deciduous) having been shipped  for our planting project. We will send out an email for member assistance in the planting. The trees must be planted within four or five days of our receiving them. The City has mapped out the areas for the planting.
  • Fourth of July 2018—Great American Pie Buffet at the Lebanon Senior Center.
    Member information: 
    • All members to supply two sweet and one savory pie. Or a member can give the club a check for $45.00, and the pie committee will have the pies made or purchased;
    • Each member is to sell or buy five tickets ($8 for adults and $5 for children under 10 years old);
    • We will publicize and sell tickets at the Farmers' Market at Colburn Park from 4 to 7 p.m. on June 14, 21, and 28 (all Thursdays). We need volunteers to cover the booth. This venue gives everyone an opportunity to sell his/her tickets and to participate if he/she can't be at the event on July Fourth.
  • August 18, 2018 — Planning for BrewFest has started.  Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendars.
  • The ClubRunner webpages for our two clubs will be consolidated on June 30: we will have one presence on the Web! Our member list for the 2018-19 Rotary year needs to be finalized by that date for RI.
Business Meeting
Assistant District Governor Don MacMeekin reviewed the dues payment structure for the combined clubs for the upcoming Rotary year, 2018-19.
Beginning July 1 for a test period until September 30, club members will be billed $50 on a monthly basis. The monthly payment will cover all expenses for running the club, including the member's weekly meal payment. This figure is based upon an operating budget of $15-16,000 (including Rotary International and District dues, etc.) and a weekly meal/room-rental cost of $300.
The inclusion of the meals in the monthly bill more equitably helps the club meet the fixed meal/rental charge we receive from Alice Peck Day Hospital and actually may reduce the cost of weekly meals for most members. A member's per-meal cost under this plan will be $5.32 if the member attends four meetings a month; $7.22 if the member attends three meetings a month; $10.83 if the member attends two meetings a month; and $21.67 if the member attends only one meeting a month. The Lebanon club has used monthly billing for the past year. Each member is able to pay the monthly charge by credit card automatically or separately each month. 

First-Grade Reader Distribution

They Profit Most Who Serve the Best