Meeting 12 April 2018
Recorder: Marilyn Bedell
Will Koppenhefer educated us about the Everglades National Park that was established in 1934.  It is the 3rd largest park and the largest tropical wilderness in the USA.  Everglades was named for being a river of grass. He then went on to let us know that the one of the major protectors/advocates of the Wilderness was Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  She was a Wesley graduate, served in WWI, spent time in Paris, was a supporter of women's suffrage and civil rights, and was an editor for the Miami Herald.  She wrote the best selling book on the Everglade, Everglades, River of Grass.  This story reminds me that "draining a swamp" isn't some thing we should do.  Swamps ecologically are very important.  From Wikipedia:

Swamps and other wetlands have traditionally held a very low property value compared to fields, prairies, or woodlands. They have a reputation for being unproductive land that cannot easily be utilized for human activities, other than perhaps hunting and trapping. Farmers, for example, typically drained swamps next to their fields so as to gain more land usable for planting crops.

Many societies now realize that swamps are critically important to providing fresh water and oxygen to all life, and that they are often breeding grounds for a wide variety of life. Indeed, floodplain swamps are extremely important in fish production. Government environmental agencies are taking steps to protect and preserve swamps and other wetlands. In Europe, major effort is being invested in the restoration of swamp forests along rivers. Conservationists work to preserve swamps such as those in northwest Indiana in the United States Midwest that were preserved as part of the Indiana Dunes. The problem of invasive species has also been put into greater light such as in places like the Everglades.

Program — April 19, 2018

Our speaker today was Tad Montgomery who has been hired by the City of Lebanon as the Manager for Energy and Facilities.


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Tad began his talk  with a Rotary story.  He described how he was chosen to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student to New Zealand, but just a few weeks prior to his departure the exchange was called off.  He learned that a student assigned to New Zealand had created problems due to drug use, and the District in New Zealand made a decision they didn't want to deal with students from the USA.  [Amazing how one bad apple can spoil it for others] He was then offered another Spanish speaking country, but at that point in his life did not want to learn Spanish so turned this placement down.  But he did get a Rotary Scholarship for college.
Tad is in a new position in Lebanon.  His goal is to help the city reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26-28% by 2025.  He then went on to review all the projects he is working on:
  • Energy audits being done on all city held properties such as City Hall, the Police Station, the library in Lebanon, water and waste treatment plants.  In addition he is working to transition all street light to adjustable LED light...a project with Liberty Utilities.
  • Household battery program
    • Liberty Utilities is in the planning phase of a pilot project to make home-power batteries available to residential customers, starting in West Lebanon where there is a need to reduce 'peak demand.' The program is being designed to provide backup power for homeowners during outages and to reduce the overall load to the grid during times of peak monthly electricity usage.
  • Capturing methane at the landfill and converting it to electricity and heat for businesses.
  • Solar power development potentially at the landfill and airport
  • Winterizing homes, and plans to expand to businessess
  • More flexible van discussion with Enterprise Car Rentals.
If you want to follow work being done on these projects, go to click here  Use the link to find contact information is you would like to ask Tad questions about the various programs.

  • Change of Location May 3, 2018 — Our lunch meeting on May 3, 2018 will be at the Kilton Library at 12 noon.  Brown bag lunches will be provided.
  • April 17, 2018 at 5:30 PM — Combined Lebanon and Lebanon-Riverside Board Meeting at Steve Whitman's Conference Room in the Whitman Building in Lebanon. 
  • April 25, 2018 at 5:30 PM — Great American Pie Buffet Meeting at Tim Gauraldi's Nationwide Office in Lebanon.
  • April 26, 2018, 7 AM — Charles Foss from SCORE to be our speaker
  • April 30, 2018 — Charter Ceremony for the the Lebanon High School Interact Club.  Members are encouraged to come and support this new clubs.  Food will be served.  
  • May 24, 2018 - Rotary Golf Tournament at Eastman.  Now is the time to recruit golfers, raffle prizes and sponsors.  It is hoped you can either play golf or volunteer at the tournament.  Again, mark your calendar.
Other News:
  • The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of US$1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. It was established in 1957 to show appreciation for and encourage substantial contributions to the Rotary Foundation. The number of Paul Harris Fellows reached the one million mark in 2006.
  • Suellen presented Jenn Grant with her first Paul Harris Fellowship, and Ernst Oidtmann Recieved his 7th Paul Harris Fellowship.  We thank Jen and Ernst for their support of our Rotary Foundation.
  • We have identified three students who would like to go the the Rotary Leadership Award (RYLA) Conference at Lyndon State.  Volunteers needed to interview the students.  If you are interested, contact Susan Donnelly.
  • Some of our Interact Students would like to come to the District Summit at the Mt. Washington Hotel on Saturday, May 5, 2018.  Drivers needed to help get the students to the conference.  Let Sue Donnelly know if you can help with this task.
  • Suellen announced that that the club has had two resignations.  Bartolo Governanti and Lorraine Morrison.  Reminded everyone that Jane Mason has had shoulder surgery.

Happy Dollars
Hank Clarke — Is still in his post vacation funk.  He had a lovely time in St. Kitts.  He also let us know that he will be volunteering to drive disabled vets to appointment.
Forrest Cole — Added to Bill's story about the Everglades.  He is just back from a 3 week trip to the Everglades.  He regaled us with stories of his wife taking pictures of alligators.
Bill Secord — Advertised the upcoming Bel Conto Singers Concert on April 28 and 29.  For info about Take Me to the Water Click Here
Ron Bedell — Reminded members that Rotary Summit begins on 5 May at the Mount Washington Hotel.  RI President Ian Risely will be the keynote speaker on Friday night.  To register, click here.
Angela Nelson — Celebrating the end of tax season! Enjoyed having four days off.
Steve Whitman — Looking forward to Friendship Exchange to England.  Recruiting Rotarians to go to Calgary, Alberta for the Calgary Stampede in July 2019.   If you have interest, talk to Steve.

A Rotary Friendship Exchange allows Rotarians to experience different cultures and build international friendships. Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotary members and friends that allows participants to take turns hosting one another in their homes and clubs.

Paul Tierney — Updated club on a Rotary District-wide group being formed to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol addiction in our District.
Evan Leary — Checking items off his bucket list...Opening Day and Fenway and going to a Red Sox vs. Yankee game.  Was there for the big brawl.

Card Raffle — Angela Nelson pulled the 8 of Hearts
Car Wash — Was won by Bill Secord


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Rotary's New Vision Statement
Why Should You Care?
By Stephanie A. Urchick, chair of Rotary’s Strategic Planning Committee

We are now more than a year into the process of revisiting Rotary’s strategic plan, a process that will allow us to examine our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to move the organization in a direction that will allow Rotary to thrive in the years ahead. Our new vision statement is the first lap in that three-year journey.

You may have seen the vision statement and wondered what its relevance is to you. If Rotary were a ship approaching land, our new vision statement would be the lighthouse that keeps us from running aground. Our vision statement explains what we want to achieve, in the same way that our mission statement explains our focus, and our strategic plan represents how we are going to get there. Continuing here

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