Meeting September 7, 2017
Recorder: Marilyn Bedell
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September 7, 2017 
Police Chief Richard R. Mello
Chief Mello gave a update on police activities in Lebanon.  He started his talk by reminding us that he was hired in 2015 after serving as the 2nd in command in Hollis.  He currently lives in the woods in Hartland, VT.  He is the father of 3 with 2 of his children in college.  He also talked about his dogs, and how they needed space to roam and wander, thus the reason he lives in Vermont.
He has been focused on community engagement and problem oriented policing.  It works the best when the community helps drive the work of the police department to keep our community as safe as possible.   He stated that despite some of the problems our police officers face, our crime rate in Lebanon is low.  He discussed the complexity of having a population base in Lebanon of 14,500 residents, that swells to a population of approximately 40,000 during the day as folks move in and out of our area to work, and take advantage of all the services provided in Lebanon and West Lebanon. 
He shared a story about a problem house on Mack Avenue.  It was owned by an elder who had two 20+ year olds living in the house, and started using it as a place to distribute drugs.  With the help of residents, the problem was identified, and using a variety of police interventions led to arrests, and a trespass notice being given to the young men in the house to keep them out of the neighborhood.  The success of the various interventions used were attributed to the the engagements of the residents on the street.
He shared that there are 33 officers covering our community 24/7.  He is very proud of the work done by the K-9 police teams.  Joy Gobin shared what an asset the officer assigned to Lebanon High School has been to students and teachers.
He mentioned the following tidbits of information:
The ice cream patrol this summer was a hit, and helped the police officer get to know kids in the community, and the kids got to know the officers doing a fun activity.
Coffee with a Cop is held monthly at various locations around the city for local residents to have time to share information with the officers, and for the officers to learn about issues that might not come there way otherwise. 
The department is working to receive international accreditation for the department.  This is a way to demonstrate to the community that they are meeting standards established beyond Lebanon, New Hampshire and the USA.  This keeps the department focused on best practices.
He strives to lead a department focused on the citizens of Lebanon and West Lebanon, NH.
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  • Seven Lebanon Riverside Rotarians joined the Lebanon Club for our first joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Lebanon. 
Bill Secord
Ron Bedell
Marilyn Bedell
Susan Donnelly
Joy Gobin
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Your recorder didn't count heads but we probably had about 45 Rotarians at the meeting.  
  • BrewFest - Thanks to those who have signed up to help.  Volunteers still needed.  We each will be asked to try and sell at least two (2) tickets to the event.  Tickets will be distributed at our next meeting on Tuesday, September 12th.  The BrewFest Web page can be found by clicking here

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  • September 26 — Janet Carroll, RN, DHMC Speaking on speak on the different opiates (Heroin, fentenil, carfentanil)  and their impact on those taking the drug and the new protocols that are being developed  to deal with those coming into the Emergency Department.
  • October 10 — Oregon Friendship Exchange Team
  • Oct 24 — AAA Travel will talk about Hot Hot spots for travel this winter  
  • Nov. 14 — John Higgins, Ledyard Charter School Program
  • Dec 12 — Charles L. Foss, SCORE
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